Respect, Heart, and Understanding

Within the world right now, we are going through a serious crisis. There is a HUGE lack of respect for anyone. Sons and daughters disrespecting their parents and siblings. Parents disrespecting their children. Politicians disrespecting their constituents. Countries disrespecting other contries.

At the center of the turmoil in the world, lies something very important: the heart. See what people often don’t consider, is that offenses and problems stem from the heart. The heart provides us understanding and direction. Families will not do something unless their hearts are in it. Politicians seek power, prestige and money, because their hearts are in it. So the question is, where do place our hearts? Do we seek understanding? Then listen to your heart. Do we seek forgiveness? Then listen to your heart.

Turn off the TV. Yes, I said it. Turn it off. Let me tell you why: it distracts. The TV tells you to change your heart and seek after material things. Placing your heart in something else. Do you really want other people to guide and direct you? Do you really want other people to control you? Then give them your heart. Do you really want the world to tell you that the most important thing in your life should be sex and cheetohs? Seriously. You have dreams. You have desires and passions. They are dulled by you giving your heart away. By your refusing to understand and feel. When we dull our senses, we dull our understanding and we allow others to control us. It is time to wake up and understand. It is time to wake up and feel again. Open your hearts. Feel and live.

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Time is such a simple word, and yet, upon it, hangs the balance of the existence of Man. Within the world of Business, it has a very important meaning. Through time, we make money. We survive. As a corporation, in time, we are able to grow, and flourish, or crash and burn. But, right now, I want to talk a little about a troubling trend I am seeing. More and more, people keep telling me that in order to be successful I need to put more time into my job. To this I want to say: no, I really don’t. See, something that a lot of people don’t understand is that business and corporations and what have you are all built around people. They don’t exist without customers and they don’t exist without people. That being said, there has never existed a single person through the dawn of time that chose to leave a company because they didn’t put in enough time! See, the main reason for people leaving a company is because they are not Happy! You can’t measure success at work, in happiness. It just doesn’t work. Happiness comes from what you do with your time outside of work. So, to all those who want to work harder and play harder, I say: Enjoy the long weekend, and simply relax. Remember to respect those you work with, and wish them well.

Remember to take the time to enjoy!

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Leadership. This word is a word, a statement, a thought, an idea: a state of mind and being. When we are put into, or thrust as some may be, into a leadership position, it is important to remember, that we are there to lead. Leadership is not to be put in power and then dictate from that point down that the desires or thoughts from those above us or worse yet from us. It is a position of trust.

It is a word
The word leadership is defined as: The action of leading a group of people or an organization. If we follow the root word, leader, and look at the definition of it, we find the true meaning of a leader: A person followed by others. As we look upon those we lead, the number one most important thing and fundamentally essential element required for being a leader is trust. How can we be a leader, someone who people follow, if they don’t have a level of trust in us? Do we try to force it, by inciting fear or resentment? Do we try to force our ideas on others? If the answer is yes to these then we have missed the greatest point of being a leader: respect.

It is a statement
When we select a leader, or we become a leader, we are making a statement. The declare that we trust this leader enough to follow them, and become as they want us to. See a leader has an influence all around them. They help inspire. They have a vision for us as to whom we can become. That is the glory of it, however, if that leader is focused on something other than the welfare of the people who follow them, then that leader is no longer a leader, they become closed down and narrow minded, and no longer open to listening.

It is a thought
Too often we think of being a leader. We think and aspire to becoming a leader. The thought is that we can run things better than others. The thought is that we know better than others. But the important thing is that we SHOW better than others. Leadership is a thought that progresses us towards action. Allows us to SHOW a better part of ourselves. It requires humility and restraint.

It is an idea, a state of mind and being
As we become leaders, we start with an idea. We have something that motivates us, to move towards action. We need to be mindful of others, and receptive to the needs of others. As we lead, we need to give back to those who follow. We need to help them who follow us. We need to respect them, because all to often, we fall from leadership. You see, it’s not necessarily that we become leaders but that we ARE leaders. We ARE leaders because people follow. They like what they see, if we cease BEING a leader, people are no longer following us.

This is what it means to be a leader.

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

I want to share something that has been plaguing the internet and our society for the last several decades if not centuries: Ignorance. And the basis for every misunderstanding known to man, is the principle of ignorance. See, when we decide that we are willing to not listen to people, we are claiming ignorance of their stand point. We are deciding to not listen to what they have to say and as such, we no longer are willing to listen nor to even accept the other person.

Just recently I have been following several people on Facebook, and their conversations on the whole Chik-Fil-A fiasco. People are willing to say the most ignorant things, not because they care what the other person thinks, but because they are willing to accept their own views and opinions as “truth” and ignore all others. Case in point, merely to demonstrate a point. A person said that it was not taught in the bible that Homosexuality is a sin. Well, I’m sorry, it is taught. It was obvious that this person had never read the bible clear through, yet they were willing to state as a “truth” that this teaching didn’t exist. This is very dangerous. We need to be an informed society. A society that is willing to tell the truth and accept the truth on all matters. We need to discuss things and not simply be “right” in all things. Once we set aside our ignorance, we can begin to accept others for who they are and no longer view them as the enemy.

We need to be accepting of people. People have the right to make statements and do as they will. I acknowledge that. There is a danger, however, when we run around and claim that someone has violated another person’s rights simply by saying something. Remember:

“sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. If only we listened a little more than wanting everyone to hear what we have to say.

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Proper Respect

There is a lot of negativity in the media today. There are a ton of negative campaign ads for the Presidential elections. I watched tv one night and in 3 minutes there were four ads of a magazine nature.

Do you want to know how to make these ads disappear? Respect. It is time for us a people to demand more of our leaders. We need to respect them and understand they make mistakes like the rest of us, but hold them responsible for telling us. When we no longer search for the bad and start looking for the good, we start to respect. Once grounded in that understanding, we can now make well informed non-biased opinions. Let’s start telling our media channels that we don’t want to hear the negative, only the positive.

Now, I am not saying, don’t tell us the facts. Just don’t try to manipulate us. Let us make our own decisions. The more and more we disrespect others, the more and more we drive our society apart. You can see this in gang wars and he lot. All it takes is one person to change our whole mindset.

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How to Respect

Do you want to know to show respect for someone?
Understand them.

Remember that the key to any successful communication, is understanding the person you are communicating with. You need to first understand them. When you do this, you will find respect will naturally come along. If they understand you, then both will come to respect and understanding and the world can definitely do with more of this.

With respect and understanding, people’s faults become inconsequential.

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Respect in War

So this post is going to be a different post, as you can tell by the title. Today as I was reading, I read a passage wherein a general was leading his people against insurmountable odds. They fought and they won. Then they did a very charitable act that we today seem to forget: they buried the enemies dead. They mourned for having fought and killed thousands. They in short respected the other people. The people they fought against. It is important that we need to respect the life around us. We need people to love and appreciate all life. No often do we find that entertainment and media are shrouded in violence and corruption. We are entertained by and encourage people and others to be violent and corruptive. Why do we like this? Why should be lower our standards and accept the views of a handful and declare it “wholesome” entertainment by choosing to watch it? Why are our soldiers found on the news mistreating the dead of others? It can be PTSD, it could however be the training they receive. The thought that the other person is no longer a person, but something else. You see, a normal person is very reluctant to shoot another person. The military knows this. They have to allow for people to turn off that portion of the brain and rationalize that the other person is not a person in order to kill easily. Once this happens, we lose sight of our respect for others. As shown in the passage I read, killing hurts. People are people and as such, we should respect everyone involved in a war and understand them. Only then, maybe we wouldn’t war as much. We would understand people and the results of our actions a little more seriously.

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